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  • Grant80 ·
    Hey Kalveer your G8 is looking really nice. Awesome photo with the boxes and the b/w background too!
    I'm hoping you can help me with something. I love the look of those XXR rims and I managed to find myself some 20" XXR 006 wheels like yours except mine have the chrome lip as my G8 GT is White. Now the wheel installer is having trouble finding 'tuner' lug nuts with a key small enough to fit the wheels without scratching the rims. Apparently they are a fairly unique sized thread for that lug configuration too. What brand of lugs do you use? Do you know where they came from?
    If you could help point us (me and the installer) in the right direction I can finally get them fitted.

    SpeedRacerX ·
    Yeah, your car is looking "sick!" My car will be getting its next big makeover this Spring in prep for the National G8 meet in August.
    cazzanomix ·
    Man...lookin at your ride more and more makes me wish I would have jumped on the liquid red GT...but the dealership stayed firm with 30k at the beginning of the year and no way I was falling for that crap.
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