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  • gokrtmozrt ·
    Hey brotha, are you still active on this board? I recently purchased HPTuners and I am reading your guides. The pictures you posted do not show up, Do you have similar guides on other forums or have these pictures somewhere?

    Thanks in advance
    StjoeG8 ·
    I see your kind of an expert when it comes to the trans stuff. I have had an issue with a shudder in my trans after the convertor when downshifting at lower speeds. Had a guy I trust tune and no good. Went off alot of your stuff and its better. I just modified another tune. Wonder if you get a chance just check it out and if you have a suggestion let me know. Would really appreciate it. I can send it in an email or however if you want to check it out. It wont let me post one in this message or I havent figured that out.
    g8regan ·
    hey Dario " its mark.
    do you still have the same email ?
    I sent ya mess.
    maybe gettn a g8 or another gto "
    could use a few pointers if I get the g8 "
    I still have my hp tuners too.
    BOBS G8GT ·
    Dario, Did you get my PM from last Fri. about tuning? Can we meet and talk about tuning since we live so close? I'm in Irvine you're in RSM right? PM me.
    gtp6515 ·
    Good evening. I went to the track today and experienced the 3-4 shift hang issue. I was reading on another forum (HPT) regarding this, but never saw a resolution. Anything ever figured out? Thanks so much for your time, Brian.
    Mike P ·
    Thanks for the help about my ECM/TCM situation.

    I wish Vector just used HP Tuners, it would have made this whole situation a lot easier.

    Oh well.......

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