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  • Steve R ·
    So I have ALMOST decided on the Delrin/Poly rear diiff bushings for my G8 GXP ,I wanted to know if it would be possible to buy a kit that had both the Delrin and Poly rear bushing in case I found the NVH from the delrin just too much and wanted to trade out to the ploy .
    Thank You very much Steve R ?
    eohrnberger ·
    In the thread: "Are FE3 shocks/struts no longer available?"
    You posted:
    "I sell, The Strut Mount Bushings and Koni Shocks/Inserts
    T.C. Davis"

    This was back in 2016.

    Are these components still available for purchase?

    BMR Sales ·
    WE don't make them, but we do carry the SuperPro Front LCA's in-stock. Although, right now, I only have (1) pair left in stock. $246.39/pr.
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