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  • xruling ·
    Asking for a favor: Would you please scan the install instructions for the trans cooler and send an ecopy to [email protected]? I have a new coolder, but am not sure how to install on the G8 GT. I'm hoping to easily identify the output and return lines.
    Packmang8 ·
    Hey there.. I think you might be the best replacement for a full bottle of Advil.. My spyder lights came in for my G8... I have the entire front bumper off (first time and a little stressful to see the car all pulled apart...ha)... I need the car for tonight and .. well... I gotta problem....
    I can not figure out how to put the bulb in....I pulled the old low beam bulb out...but the harness plug that is in the Spyder lights underneath the removable boot does not fit with the oem bulb that I pulled out.... and to top it off.. the bulb does not fit into the spyder plug.. I have tried it a million different ways......

    I consider myself somewhat of a "car guy" but this is kicking my behind...

    I sure would appreciate your help

    Dallas Tx
    kollegekid ·
    No way, Silverdale WA, I went to highs school out there. Based on your info you must be stationed out there. But I remember back in the day there were a ton of racers or "wana-bees". I bet you have a hell of a lot of fun out there. But that city has become so overcrowded it is ridiculous.
    GSFred ·
    Hey, a quick question. I'm a nebee on here, and on both the for sale and wanted lists I am not abble to post. What do I need to do to be able to post. Thanks Fred
    shudog ·
    What's with this "SAUDI & PROUD" character? All he does is make hateful negative posts on here, nothing but an ignorant troll. He's back at it after being away for awhile
    move-over ·
    to BobtheMonkee, My user name is move-over. When I attempt a new thread (or post?) A box pops up listing a few reasons that maybe why I can't start a new thread. I won't list all here (too much typing). Basically, I discovered this board months ago and due to my inepitude with computers and internet forums, I have not been able to take full advantage of this board. Thank -you for any attention, sincerely, move-over.
    VT_Hokie ·
    Hey Buddy,

    Sorry for all the questions, feel free to tell me to piss off anytime.

    As I sit here drooling all over my keyboard watching your video of the ARH with the SLP powerflo I was curious as to where you got the tint for your tails and license plate cover?

    Random...I know

    Thanks again,

    Subcrit ·
    I tried to upload my profile picture again. I can see the upload picture on the User Control Panel, but when I hit save changes, it says file upload failed??

    Subcrit ·
    When I try to post my profile picture is says failed to load.
    Do I need to be a premium or better member to post a profile picture.

    Just posted the thread for the XXX GTG on May 23rd. Please make it into a sticky if you would, so as to keep it at the top of the page for easy access and better noticeability! Thanks!

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