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    Boss I stay in Keller I am about to buy some vmr rims but I was wondering if the 20x9 all 4 corners would work?
    214-276-2635 Mick
    Boss Hogg ·
    That offset would be good for the outside, but I think I remember reading a thread where a 45 offset & 9.5" wheel would rub the front strut.
    triguy ·
    OK, do you think I will be OK with 19x9.5 VMR wheels with 45 offset and 275/35/19 tires all the way around? I went ahead and lowered the car with B&R Springs.

    Thanks for your expertise!
    Boss Hogg ·
    No, the 35 offset pushes the wheels out to the fender. If I can clear the rear fender, I might add a spacer to give me more of an offset look.
    triguy ·
    Thank you. One more quick question....did you add adapters or spacers to flush the wheel with your fender?
    Boss Hogg ·
    Yes, H&Rs with 275s on all corners. The cats are the lowest part of my exhaust & barely rub on huge speed bumps (+6 inches).

    Stick with 275s so you can rotate and give you plenty of rim protection. If you buy the VMRs 20x9s, you will need to roll your rear due & due a small bit of trimming due to the 35 offset pushing the wheels out. (See link below)
    triguy ·
    Hey, So I love the look of your G8 wheel setup. I have a GXP, but I would like to copy yours. Two quick questions:

    You have H&R lowering springs, correct?
    You have 275s on all 4 corners?
    How bad do your LT Headers rub with this setup?
    Anything else I need to be concerned about?

    I am stock down there right now, but want to start by lowering my car. Then will probably go with 20" wheel (VMR like yours) and was thinking 255s in front and 275s in rear. 275's all the way around would look awesome, but I am worried about clearance.

    Your thoughts?

    Boss Hogg ·
    The grill is painted PBM. I used Plasti-Dip on the window trim.

    On huge bumps, I've had a little rubbing on the rears on the bracket that attaches the rear bumper to the quarter panel. After rolling the rear wheel wells and cutting the rear bracket, I no longer rub.
    allblackg8 ·
    Yeah I've got the same question about the trim...I've been planning on blacking out a g8 for a year now...missed my opportunity on a cheap gxp and now found a gt i can afford...What did you do around the grill and windows? paint? Tape? aftermarket trim piece?

    Also per your wheels...I loved the look with the breytons but...these vmrs are even better...And what you've done is what I always planned on! badass!...if I don't put springs on my car as of yet...would the possible rubbing become a non issue? New to modding cars...but dying to start...
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