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  1. ls3 build weak dyno numbers

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    My compression is at 10.5:1. Yeh it started to cause knock when he tried to go up on the timing, and it lost a little power. The weather was brutal not going to lie. Probably at least upper 90's outside. tuner was Nick. The owner of boosted innovations in slidell, LA. You can look him up. he...
  2. ls3 build weak dyno numbers

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    Hey guys I got a good deal on a LS3 long block out of a 2011 Camaro ss (6 speed car). It looked worn out and I didn't know the history, so I did a full rebuild. This was my 3rd LS build so I am not new to it. Everything was balanced, plasti gauged and checked thoroughly. I finished the build...
  3. ls3 build weak dyno numbers help!

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    Hey guys I recently built an ls3 used long block for my 2009 Pontiac g8 Gt. Wasn't sure of the history so I decided to do a fresh rebuild. This is my 3rd LS engine I have built so im not brand new with building LS engines, but this was my first ls3. My other two motors made great power too, but...
  4. newbie going ls3

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    Hi I'm new to the forum and the g8 world. Bought 2009 g8 gt 6 months ago, and is currently basically bone stock. I love the car but has 155,000 miles and starting to get a ruff idle. Im also worried about the factory dod stuff. Got a good deal on a worn out ls3 out of a 2011 Camaro ss. Rebuilt...