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  • brickonwheels ·
    Is it possible to be approved to post in the for sale section without having 40 posts? I have some wheels and brake calipers to sell but I'm under the 40 post threshold. I don't want to have to spam the other sections just to boost my posts. Thank you, Chris
    Turbota6 ·
    Just wanted to check and see if my for sale post was received and that I did it correctly. Submitted yesterday and I haven't seen it post yet. Thank you.
    gijoe63 ·
    Moderator please check to see if my cars for sale post was approved , not sure if I did it the right way , thanks
    gunbunny ·
    Hey Chief,

    About 2 years ago I bought my 2008 G8 GT (Panther Black Metallic). After a year of drooling over mine, my father in law bought one (2009 Ignition Red) last year. But shortly after he got it, he got a detached retina in his left eye. A year and a few surgeries later, he can't see well out of his left eye, and that combined with his age (68) and the fat-ass A-pillars of the G8... he damn near hit a few pedestrians and parked cars. So he needs to sell it. I tell him I'd help him out, so I take pics and head over here ready to post it for sale. I read the posting guidelines and, well, that's why I'm writing you.

    First, I don't have 40 posts. Second, I'm not the owner of his car.

    So before I go through the trouble to type up a "For Sale" post only to have it removed (and piss off the mods in the process) I thought I'd write first to ask permission.
    secretbench ·
    Hello, I've been on the site for about 5 months now. I need to sell some g8 parts but I can't because my account is still locked for not having enough posts. I was wondering if you can change that for me.
    CUCV ·
    Dear Chief Pontiac,

    I am a new member to this forum.
    I have a Walkinshaw Performance exhaust system designed for the Holden VE/ Pontiac G8 imported from Australia.
    I think that the exhaust system might be interesting and relevant for members of this forum who might look to upgrade their G8's.
    Can I publish an ad in the classified section for the Walkinshaw prior to posting 40 posts, since I do not ave what to post currently.

    I appreciate your help

    Thank you,
    Ron from Socal
    IcudahadaG8 ·
    Hello -

    I posted a for sale ad for Rotors a few days ago. I dont see it. Just checking to see of there is a problem ?

    Thanks much
    Kain ·

    I was wondering if it would be possible for me to list my Superchips Cortex 2950 under the parts for sale thread. I sold my G8 but it doesnt seem that I have enough posts to make a new thread. It's set back to stock and I have a picture of the unit. Thank you for the consideration.
    G8RAM ·
    I've tried posting my car for sale twice now and don't see it posted.

    What am I missing, thought I did everything by the forum posting rules?

    solort ·
    I am a fairly new G8 owner (purchased from the For Sale forum) and looking for a used exhaust. I did not see any posting requirements for the wanted section, yet my access is denied. What can I do to correct this? Thank you.
    mercialogo ·
    Hello Chief. Since you are the one that posted the For Sale rules, I am thinking that you are at least one of the moderators. I found a for sale post that I would like to reply to and see if that item is still up for sale or not, but I am getting denied. I did send that user a PM but have not got a reply to that yet. What do I need to do to get rights to reply to for sale items?
    stiguy ·
    Hello. I own the Livernois G8 GXP Shop car... bought it off this board's classifieds in August 2013.. I am ready to move on and I want to post the car for sale here BUT I don't have the 40 posts. A younger me would just spam the board with passable jibberish, but I am hoping you will allow me the opportunity to post my ad without wasting everyone's time. Please let me know if I am a go...


    GreenMartian ·
    I've submitted two separate posts to the "Parts for Sale" section and haven't received a response yet. Can I get a status update?
    JJhummus ·
    Chief, I am a little slow today. I just submitted a car for sale and completely forgot to put a price in the post. Can you open that up so I can get that added?
    MrBobo ·
    Greetings Chief,

    I have been a board lurker for a few years now. I actually purshased my 09 GXP based on a post I saw a few years ago. My family has grown and time has now come for me to part with my GXP. I don't have 40 posts on the board, but wanted to post the vehicle for sale to allow individuals the same opportunity that landed me my GXP. Would you allow me to post my vehicle for sale despite not having the requisite postings. Thanks in advance for your response.
    ch3926954 ·
    Hey Chief, I been part of the forum for a while, but I do not have 40 posts. I have sold my g8 ( got a 2013 CTS-V ! ), but would like to sale my factory 19in rims + tires to someone I know will put them to good use. Please let me know if its possible for me to post them for sale.
    StrykerShawn ·
    Hey Chief,
    I am in need of selling my G8 GT to get a truck for work. I have wheels I need to sale ASAP. Vossen CV3's. I dont have 40 post, so unable to post in the sale ads. Is there anyway to verify that I am not a bot or a troll so I can list my wheels for sale? I actually really want to trade them for someones stock wheels, if there are any takers.

    Thanks in advance,
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