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  • FMQ ·
    It turns out that I am going to TO on the 15th but later in the day. When were you going to the CIAS show? I'm thinking that it will be a lot easier to bag a parking spot than on the 21st.
    tvanderster ·
    Hey Chris. i dont know if you remember me but i think we met in Brampton on Blackforest drive while i was rushing my girls off to swimming. we had quick chat. hope its the same Chris? anyway, just jumped on the board here and trying to figure out how to navigate through this thing. lets stay in touch as would like to catch up at next meet in the GTA. i recently put on the Hfl cats from solo and am throwing some p430 codes so wanted to ask you some questions as i remember you mentioned you had the same cats put on. you can call or text me 647-244-0499
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