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  • CazG8 ·
    Hey there! I was wondering if you had any cool shoots of your fully converted hsv. I'm putting together a sort of gallery and your G8 is by far my absolute favorite g8/HSV to ever exist. I would appreciate this so much!
    gMorado06 ·
    Hey ChristianCoach, I am a new proud owner of a panther black 09 gt, I have been wanting to do the conversion on my g8 however, I am new to the g8 world! I was wondering if you could show me the ropes! I loved your video and I love the look of your g8 (which you recently sold) :(. Email me @ [email protected] If you have time I would love to talk with you and hopefully you can become a mentor to me :) hahaha. I had been looking around all g8 boards but it wasn't till I checked out a Ls1 Board that I saw you were from Seattle, WA. I am from Bellingham, WA! Thanks for your time, Love your old SSV!
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