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  • D-Webz ·
    I live in Wichita now, I moved back a few months ago.

    The solo is ok, the only think I dont like about it is when the motor goes into AFM mode there is a really loud and annoying hum to the exhaust. It almost sounds like a flat tire. No one really mentions that when you buy the exhaust and the only remedy is to program out the AFM which is stupid in my opinion. If I had to do over again. I would have spent the money on electronic exhaust cut out instead for the same price. I have them on my Trans Am that is modded to the T. It is nice to be able to have it loud when I want and quiet on the highway.


    dltv ·
    Where do you currently reside? i am looking at an exhaust system for the g8 and wanted to hear the solo backaxle system. im in kansas city mo. near westport
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