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  • SaubGT ·
    Hi Dan. Last year i got a White G8 from you at the dealership. Going good no problems at all thanks a bunch. I do however need a favor. I need a current carfax to show the first "user" for the IRS tax purposes. If it was never titled before it can be considered that i was the first "user" of the car and will satisfy the credit for the new car tax credit. It actually is like a 550 dollar difference in my taxes. So if it is possible
    could you email/fax something to me that could show that i am the first owner or user. On the tax forms you negelected to check new used or demo so i have no proof there so im sorta stuck. My tax guy is sorta a stickler about the proof so if you can think of something let me know thanks
    Kurt Sauber
    [email protected]
    vin 6G2EC57Y38L988379
    tas73 ·
    Dan: I'm thinking about trading in my 2009 G8 GT; White Hot, Red Leather, N Sunroof, Premium and Sport, 3000 miles, for a 2009 White Hot GXP. I wanted a manual trans and stick. I have a fried who is a GM employee and he said I could use his discount. Any ideas what I am looking at as far as trade in allowance for my car and the price of the GXP? Based on my research I can get the GXP for around $35k but I am just not sure what a good value for my trade would be. Would it be unrealistic for me to expect the 24k range? Got any white hot GXP's?
    [email protected] ·
    We will install them. I can't guarantee they will be the best priced place to do it, but they have done aftermarket parts on my previous cars with no problems.
    kirkatwork ·
    Hi Dan,

    I have a question for you. I know you are in sales not service but I was wondering how your service dept. felt about Mods. I have a G8 GT which I have a Roto-fab intake and Borla cat-back exhaust on. I was looking for a dealership in the area who might be willing to install the SLP headers, or at least wouldn't take issue with them?
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