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  • Shonuff ·
    Looking to get a tune from Pat G soon and was researching some good mods before I see him. Where did you order your rick Crawford parts from?

    dmarple80 ·
    I love lope so am looking forward to a very lopey cam, w/ lots of power and still able to drive w/ a stock stall, although I think I may get a new TC later. I just emailed Pat regarding a new remote tune. Did you buy the software for the remote tune or did Pat provide it for you. Did you go w/ the Comp or EPS cam?
    dmarple80 ·
    Saw your signature and was looking at your Pat G cam. Did you used to have a VMS cam and recently switched over to the Pat G? How do you like the cam? I see you have stock stall/gears, does it daily drive nicely but pull like a mo-fo when needed?
    Did you have Pat G dyno tune your car or are you doing it remotely? If it's remotely how has the experience been?
    Thanks for any input on this cam and Pat G's tune.
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