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  • I12XLR8 ·
    As soon as you have a relay you will have to source independent power which means drilling a hole in the lens casing. Are you sure a relay is that important to you?
    I12XLR8 ·
    I got my set from SK Performance ([email protected]) which did not include a relay. I was going to get a relay as well after I ran into the autostart/night time lighting issue but didn't want to drill a hole in the cover for the relay wiring.

    I have found that when I get into the car after the autostart, I turn the key and the lights come on automatically. Before taking it out of gear I manually turn off the lights then turn them back to automatic. When the car goes into gear they both light up.

    Might sound like a PITA but I don't even notice I'm doing it anymore and it saved me a hole in the cover. That aussie ballast in the cap idea is great but if there is no relay built in you will still have to feed a wire out somehow and now there won't be a cover to drill through...

    Let me know how it goes or if there is anything else I can do to help!
    Monte8009G8GT ·
    I dont know if you get updates for the messages i post in the visitor section in my profile but here is what i said weet i would love to but my car is at cable dohmer getting the trans fixed, once its fixed i was going to get a meet setup for us local g8s havent decided on where to have it at i was thinking at the track so i can see what my setup will run.
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