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  • rkrote ·
    I might just do that then. A local G8 guy was complaining how he already as stone chips or whatever on his black wheels. Maybe the clear coat will help. Thanks for the idea.
    rkrote ·
    I was thinking of ordering the kit from ZZ Performance, but am worried about wheel fit. I'd prefer 18 inch, lighter wheels, but doubt they fit with the CTSV brake kit. I'm looking at Niche Misano, M116 in gunmetal.

    Do you recommend a clear powdercoat to protect the finish?
    rkrote ·
    Hello FMQ. I noticed that you have CTS-V brakes and Avant Garde M310 wheels. Are they 18 inch? The AG website seems to list only 18 and 22 in the 5 x 120 bolt pattern.

    I need to get new wheels, but not sure what will fit, especially in 18 inch.

    DrewZ ·
    Hi Frank, I sold my G8. Do you know anyone interested in the following?
    - Rotofab CAI (V6 only) $75
    - Weathertech floor liners (front only) $75
    - Snow tires on rims $300
    FMQ ·
    Not sure if I can make it. This one will be a hotter run with it being in July/// any plans for a cruise destination? Have to convince my wife for this one.
    azatrum ·
    Hey FMQ. Sorry about the confusion in messages. I dont know if you received my PM's or not but I would like to know if you still have your GT Tails available. I am interested in them so Let me know and we can proceed further.

    KDRobb ·
    I installed a maverick man carbon fiber hood and painted the sides of the hood with maverick silver and then color matched the bumper grill sections and roof to my wheels which are sparkling graphite from VMR, only been do e for a month or so. Thanks to someone in a Lexus that ran into the front of the g8 while it was parked :)
    Michael512TX ·
    Thanks, yes I did roll my fenders. I went with 275's on the rear and they fit perfectly on the 9.5. I want to eventually get some coilovers as well to get more low in the front and of course better handling overall.
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