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  • FSTG8 ·
    Welcome back!! safe and Sound too!!! Thanks for all you do to!!!

    Let me know when!! I have not been to many meets this year myself! Super busy with work :( Going to GONE next week and cant wait!!
    Widow08 ·
    hey great video so far, im from mass stationed dont in NC i wish i could be apart if this. im on ur face book but havent been on in a while. this year i was deployed till aug so im fresh back in the states and starting to build up my motor. someday i hope to make it to your events, looking forward to it.
    Uncko Macko ·
    Nice shootin. Diggin the video skills. Give me a shout about any meets for videos. I have a Fuji HS10, and 2 GoPro's on order...WHATS UP?!
    GT Ghost ·
    hey wats up! I wrote u b4 but u never responded but i live in NJ also. My b we can meet up. I wanna learn more about your g8 club. Also um new to the car things like making mods so mayb u can teach sum of that also. So PM me to let me no whats up. IIGHT THANKS
    etdifran ·
    Thanks, for the invite. Please let me know the next time everyone meets up and I will try to make it. I just received my new CAI and Cortex Tuner. Hopefully the weather can improve so I can install.
    etdifran ·
    Hey what's up! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Eric also from NJ, exit 135 on the parkway. I saw you once on the parkway traveling northbound. Your car is nice. Always nice to see a fellow G8 GT representing. My car is stock except for the magnaflow exhaust. Later. Be safe.
    Schmale ·
    Yea. i don't drive highway too often but this weekend im driving to austin from houston, so im excited to see what i get
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