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  • Raysg8 ·
    Hey Rick, I picked up 08 g8 gt. It's got some mods: 1 3/4 kooks LT, mid pipes and corsa cat back, New era ram air intake, lunati 223/231 .615/.622 112 lsa cam,lunati dual spring kit, hardened push rods,3200 yank. motor is at a machine shop getting checked out right now. It's has some crank movement. Maybe thrust bearing issue. Was wondering if you would take my intake and throttle body to port while my engine is down. Also what do you think about the cam? Is it one that you would recommend for all motor? If your to busy just let me know thanks. Also looking to bring car to you this summer to get tuned.
    kjones21189 ·
    hey i had a question whas the price on your 403 stroker shortblock my current motor has about 159k i get a light lifter tick i would like to slowly out together another motor over the next few months iam kinda torn between keeping stock cubes rebuild the l76 dod delete and a big cam or ls3 short block with ported heads for stroked lq4/lq9 block cause i get get a short block in my area under $700 my g8 is not my daily i would like a nice fun car to drive on the street and cause a little trouble
    ptrlrmn ·
    Hi Rick, I just bought an '09 GXP that has the Little Lunati cam, CAI, OBX LT headers and Cat delete. The PO had one of your tunes installed locally, but I'd like to look into the TB/Intake/Head mods of yours as well as having you do a custom tune. Let me know what your schedule looks like over the next couple of months or so.

    pnut25 ·
    hey man I went with your little lunati cam set up, could I get away with doing a 5angle valve job instead of replacing all the intake valves with LS3 hollow stem? Im milling the heads .030 also.
    Thewhiteguy ·
    I bought a 219/235 .625/.626 113+1 cam from you, and i had some last minute questions that i should have asked before. How likely am i to have ptv issues with this setup? The heads are not milled, and im using stock gm head gaskets. I was going to just dot to dot the timing, but now im a bit worried. I didn't realize the cam was pretty good sized until now. I realize you should always check ptv, but i do not have a head gasket i can use to check it at the moment.
    JohnRambo41 ·
    Hey Rick, Im sure youre swamped as ever, but i am wanting to have my intake and TB ported prior to doing my DOD delete... A few questions; do you have an exchange program? and if not, ill need prices and ship to info from you, i am slowly piecing together the DOD stuff, and these two are a must, any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you Sir. John Deorsey
    2001SSEi ·
    what is the best way to contact you? I want to inquire about a few items you can help me with. intake,TB, and cam choice. thanks. Michael
    soon2BG8GT ·
    Hey Rick. This is Dominic. I talked with you on facebook about getting a build setup with you for the 20th of Sept. Where do you recommend getting the parts from (cam/dod delete)? What fluids do you recommend? I normally run mobil 1 synthetic. Do I need to break the motor in after the install? If i bought the camaro trans pan could you do that as well? Sorry if I bombarded you with all these questions. I'm new to this and don't want to forget anything. Thanks and looking forward to the build
    adriana ·
    hi rick the intake i will be sending out tommorrow i was curious if you were putting steel rods inside of it . i read in the forums that you put them in to increase flow
    Thanks for your input. Which one would you choose if you were me? Also do u have a cam manufacturer u use? Also would you know what pushrods to use? Just trying to cover all my bases before I get a cam. Basically want it to sound badass but most of all perform to it's best. If I were to do the little lunaiti would I just need the hollow LS3 intake valves to make it work? My goal for the car is to have great drive ability but still lay the smack down when I go to the track. Would like to touch the low 12's. Thanks for your time I really really appreciate your specs and time. Also how would I go about ordering one of these cams you have spec'd for me?? Might be a dumb question thanks again for your time.
    hey rick was wondering if you could spec me a cam for my car. its a 09 with a roto-fab intake doug Thorley headers magnaflow exhaust and a pat g tune. looking for something that has great street manners as this is my daily driver but want that nice lope. it will see the track maybe 2 times a year I plan on getting a intake and tb from you but that's about as far as the engine work will go. no porting or head work stock valves maybe the ls3 valves but it has to be easy on the valvetrain. I might get a stall eventually maybe a 2600 or 2800 stall? to help the cam but that's about it I don't plan on getting gears either. basically a street monster cam but with great driveability. car sees lots of city driving which is a bummer lol. any help would be great or any questions please PM me back I know your busy and appricate your time.
    ca531 ·
    Hey I realize your very busy I would really like to get a cam from you I will eventually get ported heads and intake but I have to do it in steps I thought I would start with cam,headers,3200 stall then maybe later on this year do more Thanks alot
    deb0650 ·
    Hi Rick. Are you the guy that has done a lot with custom DOD cams? I did the DOD delete and I need to change my cam to pass California emissions testing in May. So I'm looking into alternatives. I would consider going back to a DOD cam that will work for me. I did the delete kit for Vector Motorsports. In my opinion, it's a badass cam and makes power but it a little more than I want for a daily drive. I'm 53 and my girlfriends wonder what's up when they drive in my car! Anyways, I would keep my other mods but consider a stouter DOD cam. Any recommendations? Thanks.
    straightpiped09 ·
    Hey rick, I'm interested in intake and tb from you? What would it cost and would I have send you my intake, tb or is there core charge etc.. Shoot me a pm when you get the chance? Thanks
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