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  1. Radio ID for XM radio

    Stereo / Electronics
    Channel 0 will give you your car XM I.D.
  2. thoughts on a totaled g8s thread?

    Case closed. I respect everybody's opinion. Zodiac you may want to use that thing for your next oil leak. PEACE to everybody.
  3. thoughts on a totaled g8s thread?

    With all do respect to you and everybody on this site, if you got hit by a transport truck and God forbid you die, the next day someone posts "another G8 got totaled" that is just pretty sad. I guess I'm making this a touchy subject. If so I apologize
  4. thoughts on a totaled g8s thread?

    I think this is pretty sick! You should show some respect to the people driving these cars. Maybe they got injured in these accidents. And all you care about is how rare these cars are becoming?:slap:
  5. G8's hit by Ignition Switch Recall

    Tech Lounge
    Check the "key recall" thread.
  6. Key Recall

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I just got the official letter today. There is no way I could hit the key with my leg. I'm keeping the key fob and replacing the rubber face for only 10 bucks. That's my recall solution. :judge:
  7. Did you set your compass??

    Stereo / Electronics
    :)My compass worked perfect from day one, and still does.
  8. Official Pace Car?

  9. All Pontiac Car Show Sept 25-28

    Next Year's Event Alright! I'm jealous I couldn't go to The Dells this year. We really wanted to go but couldn't get any time off. ( Personally I've not been to the Dells since I was a kid with my parents back in 1983.) Here is the million dollar question. Is there going to be another event...
  10. Toyo Proxes?

    Wheels / Tires
    Just orderd a set of toyo versado LX 2's for my car. With all the different brands my shop can get this was the tire that was recommended for my G8 and Grand Prix for all season tires. (These tires also had good reviews)
  11. What did you do to your G8 today?

    Tech Lounge
    I admired my clean car as it sat in my garage while it was raining outside.
  12. Pontiac G8 - GM Car that has not been Recalled

    I think there was also a recall on the brake peddle switch or sensor a few years back. ( so your brake lights don't stay in the on position) So far the 04 - 08 Grand Prix has escaped the list.
  13. Future parts availability?

    G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I got my car just before GM went bankrupt, and asked the salesman the same parts availability question. He also told me about the 20 year parts supply.
  14. Toronto Area: Winter Tires & Rims for sale

    If you are desperate to sell, and have no offers in the GTA, I may be interested in buying your whole package if you are willing to ship it. I would pay your price plus shipping. All you have to do is crate it up and ship it. (Thunder Bay Ont.) (09 G8 V6) I'm running 18" RSA'S so they...
  15. Don't hate me.........

    The Chevrolet SS
    I'll hate you until I get my SS's final year model that's 2 years old. If it is ever sold in Canada. Congrats!!