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  • retired_4life ·
    quick question. First Hi, my shifter and I guess I'm saying it right is "loose" or want engage correctly. It's hard to press the button to release and move out of park causing the car not to start. Do you know the part number and or cost of this piece?
    gearhead65 ·
    I don't have a spoiler on my front bumper. You probably have me mistaken with someone that entered their car in G8 of the month. Happens all the time :/
    Oneg808 ·
    Hey, nice looking G8 man. Where did you order that spoiler for the front bumper, i like that? Whats it called I'd like to get one myself! Thanks
    yosteff ·
    You have a realy amazing car. Do you have some more pics and or some build details.. i just got myself a gray gt and looking to build mine

    Thanks for your time

    cwaite2 ·
    hey i was curious about the camaro wheels you have on.are they 20 x 8 and 20 x 9 on there.and what size tires are you running?any info is greatly appreciated.
    Someday ·
    I've GOT to know what tips those are. Do you have any close up pics? I have a GXP diffuser and have been looking for something just like yours to fill the space, without any luck. Beautiful car.
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