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  • eds65gto ·
    I too have the lousy shifting on my 09 G8 GT , with 33,000 plus miles and I cannot get a dealer to do anything.
    I tried to have an outside shop rebuild the trans but that program was stopped , so if I can get anything from a dealer , it would be a rebuilt factory unit with undetermined programming and the same shifting issues.
    What can I get to have the trans shift reasonably crisply. In really would like to get the trans rebuilt under my extended warranty but the dealer will not do that , only replace with a rebuilt.
    I had a 1988 Lincoln Town Car and I had a shift improvement kit installed in the
    AOD E and the fluid NEVER got overheated between changes , less heat and wear !
    Will GM ever reinstate the outside shop rebuild program ?
    I would have my trans rebuilt by a performance shop that did the dealer rebuilds on Police cars when the program was working.
    Thank You
    [email protected]
    jonesusmc84 ·

    I just took my vehicle in to Pohanka Chevy due the 2-3 shift Flare issue along with the whistle/whine noise whenever I accelerate from around 45-60. The tech drove the car and felt the shift flare and heard the whistle but since there were no CEL codes thrown and their computer did not find anything wrong they would not look into it further. Do you have any reccomendations on how I can go about getting the dealership to fix these issues?

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