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  • jefepete ·
    Can you give me an update on how your camaro central clutch kit is holding up? I like this kit over the jre because it gives you the option to set the preload. I'm hesitant though, because there is 0 info/post about this on the camaro forums that I can find. What power level are you at? Any passes at the strip?
    FMQ ·
    Happy New Year... I am adding Kooks Mids to my Corsa catbacks / Volant CAI which already has an on board x pipe. I wanted to remove my intake manifold for cleaning anyhow and thought, why not send it to Rick Crawford? With manifold alone what gains are there with a ported TB from him? I did not want the car to twitchy off the line so much to placate the spousal unit. She already complains about the speed of the car so my right foot is in eggshell mode sometimes.
    GT Drew ·
    Hi Arron. We have only had about 2 inches of snow here in Toronto so far. Heavy rain has not caused any problems so far. We should get more by the weekend. I will open the hood and check for any snow accumulation and report back. If you do get it, you will love the the sound the engine make with it.
    MNBlackG8GT ·
    GT Drew--

    I noticed that you are from the land of the maple leaf and that you posted about intakes...I've been thinking about getting the VCM OTR, but haven't seen anything out there about cold weather performance in the reviews. How has it worked for you in the cold? Any issues with snow getting in it? Being from MN, I'd like to do all of my homework on how stuff works in the cold before I buy it!

    Thanks man,
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