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  • supersnake67 ·
    Did you ever get any closer to figuring out your shake? I'm in the same boat as you. Had an intermittent shake with the stock 19s and just bought camaro 20s and new tires and shake got very bad around 55 mph and does not go away. Replaced all four control arms and still there. I get a notchy shake in the steering wheel when steering left/right at the 55 mph speed. I thought maybe strut mounts since mine are shot but don't want to just throw parts at it. Did you try outer tie rods. In that huge thread I read it was anything from motor mounts to steering racks......to solve the issues. I'm sure different parts fixes other g8s. Just not sure why the camaro wheels magnified the issue so bad especially when I think they only weigh a few pounds more than stock. I appreciate your time. Thank you
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