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  • kasper103 ·
    hey hazer i have question did you ever put that gt diff 2.92 on your v6 if you did how it was with fitment and did now both wheels burn out do you feel the difference or no by the sick ride man!!!
    jrc1989 ·
    Hey there, I just got my G8 V6 and am looking into some serious mods. I was hoping to start a pm or some sort of dialog with you as far as things i will want, need, whats best or not, drop me a line when you have some time. Thanks
    K2dogg86 ·
    awesome car bro! I didnt want to steal your headlights but they are so nice. Did you do them yourself? If so, would you be willing to do the red projector for mine? I have a red g8 gt and ive been searching around for someone to do them. I dont have enough ball to mess with something like this.
    stead305 ·
    hows it goin man i just made my profile, im an owner of an 09 g8 v6 i been reading around an heard your the guy to talk to when it comes the the v6.... any first step advice in mods or looks.... so far i havnt done anything.....
    knglibrty ·
    All i got are Solo axle backs, K&N C.A.I.,Magnaflow x-pipe resonater and mid muffler delete. Thats it for performance wise. Not sure of type of dyno but if you want to check there web site it is backstreetper.com. Two others dyno'ed one a GXP M6 from the board , Radracer19's it pulled 586 RWHP. Awsome sounding to, there som pic's on this thread:
    Mines the first one on dyno,Radracer19 is second and baffles is last one.
    knglibrty ·
    Got mine dynoed today and put down 223.13 H.P. and 224.85 Tourq. Not bad, might go manifold insulators next.
    Hell's G8te ·
    Thanks. Yeah discovered how cheap they are. I saw one at elite spoilers for like 150 and they will paint it for you too. How easy is install. How easy to fill the old holes?
    badboykain ·
    Hi I just got the V6 and im really wondering if i should keep it for a year or two then switch to the GT or simply mod this one. i was told u were the man to speak to. ONe guy said it was deangerous to put to much added on HP on the v6 transmition. he told me to ask you.
    so plz if u may let me know how much can i pump out the v6 witout too much danger, also so i can make this crucial decision. Ur g8 rocks so im sure ur the perfect one to ask like i was told. thanks and congradulation for ur ride man
    Oneg808 ·
    Hey I love your car, looks great. Couple questions for ya! When you debaged the front bumper did you have to put putty in the holes or what did you do because I'd like to get rid of my from pontiac emblem but of course theres holes behind the badge. Also do you have a gxp front number on your car? Thanks for your help! Looks great keep it up!
    DrewZ ·
    hey heard you have headers for the v6. Can you advise as to where and how i can make that happen for mine? The thread i read about it is very inconclusive. Greatly appreciated!!
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