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  • longhorn918 ·
    I'm pretty sure I seen you drive by jack of clubs a week or so back.. Your car sounded sick! You might have seen my IOM out front.
    hivoltagedriver ·
    7703 N. Owasso Expressway, Ste 1
    Owasso, OK

    N.E. corner of 76th st N. and 169.

    I'd like to have a spare, but I will have to wait until I have more spare cash to spend on the car. Just spent $500 on those two tires.
    Tulsa GT ·
    If you still want a spare, I have a factory 19 with Potenza with very good tread. 2 others also with good tread. I am off that day so I will try to make it up there. Have a link to your business website for address, etc.?
    hivoltagedriver ·
    I know Jordon. He detailed my car for me a little while back. I helped him install his HIDs. I was looking for a pair of 19's with good tires because I needed tires and would have liked to have a spare. I ended up buying a pair of Nitto NT555Rs (275/35r19s) for the rear for now instead because I was in a hurry.
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