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  • Rob Moser ·
    I picked you as you are the first moderator listed. Couldn't see a path to contact the administrator directly.

    I was first a member starting in early 2008 when I purchased my 08' White Hot GT (April 08'). I then purchased an 09' Sport Red in Jan 09'. I still have both vehicles. O8 has 39K and 09' 41K. Both have lots of mods. I'm thinking of selling the 08' as I also have a 15' Z51 Vette, am a "senior citizen" and need to cut back on my toys! I posted many times in the first few years but haven't posted for several years. I tried to find my account using my e-mail ([email protected],net) but it says I don't exist, so I started a new membership. Do you know why this happened?

    My son has also been very active as he had his 09' until a year ago. His posting name is Shredmo.

    EcoBrick Bob was my handle on other forums as I had a 2010 Ford Flex that I got into the 12's several times.

    Thanks for your help,

    Rob Moser
    Mike Haeusler ·
    Hi and good evening from down under, I joined your group last weekend and some of the members have asked for me to post some pictures of my G8, the problem is that photo bucket want $400 Australian dollars to be able to upload pictures and for me to be able to see other peoples pictures. I have tried to view some photos on your web site and all I get is a dial with a message saying to up grade my server and to visit photo bucket 500. Have you got any suggestions please .
    Kindest regards
    solty ·

    Couple days ago I created a for sale post to sell Pontiac G8 19" sports wheels. I do understand that it needs to be approved by a moderator first. I have not seen my FS post show up and was wondering how long does the approval process take, or if there is any kind of problem with my FS post?

    Thanks for letting me know

    Johnny n. ·
    Hi, ive been a member for months now but i cant even comment on "PARTS FOR SALE" posts, or even contact people.

    Please Help
    nda9090 ·
    Hey, Chad. I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing? I saw your G8 on Autotrader. Hope everything is fine where you are.

    bg8leefook ·
    hey sir. check your in box. i sent you a few pm's wanted to make sure where still on for this weekend. im 95% sure ill be there friday around the same time you will and thanks again
    homyak78 ·
    Hi I have submitted 2 for sale threads one a week ago and the other 2 days i did get a message saying waiting for approval from moderator but i don’t see it being posted on the forum. The sale was for GXP Steering wheel Can you look in to it please.
    gordy81 ·
    Saw where you were going to Charleston, SC to do and interview with Boeing. How'd that turn out for ya? I used to live in Charleston for 4 years. Its a beautiful city. Bunch of good resturants downtown.
    sniperwolf078 ·
    hi ,
    I am patrick , It has always been my dream to buy an affordable sports car,
    I never had a american muscle car and I wanted to buy a G8 ,
    My family doesnt like it and says its not worth it ,
    But I know you had this care for a while ,
    whats your review about the car ,
    do you have any mechanical issues with the G8 ? I am looking for a V6 engine ,
    since I drive 50miles to work and I am a technician at a hospital ,I need a lil bit of gas mileage.
    Is it a reliable car ? I would appreciate your advice on this matter. Thank you and good day
    Judah ACC ·
    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting me going on the forum and thanks for letting me use your car for this project! I really hope you like what we have done and cant wait to let you know about future products!
    MUSCLEG8 ·
    Hey man I meant to message you a while back.... I live here is GREEN COVE SPRINGS and I have a G8 GT Red similar like yours but no NOS... Harrison and I talk frequently and I mentioned your HEMI HEMI sticker and he said he knew you. I will be going to the track tomorrow if there open, I am sure they are... But just a heads up we will have some guys from Blazin Performance up there as well. It will be a fun evening...

    jaxredg8 ·
    Ido but cant post from work. Damn government computers wont let me access my photobucket account. If you pm me, I will send them to you tomorrow. Take care, Chad
    PomeroyG8GT ·
    Do you have any pics of your DMH exhaust cut outs? I'm thinking of getting the same setup with kooks lt headers and kook catted x-pipes. I really want cutouts but nt sure were they go. thanks
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