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  • MCononie ·

    I saw you are running the Livernois 1C cam. Did you have full bolt ons before you did the cam?

    I am about to do a DOD delete and cam on my totally stock 08 GT. Thinking that 1C would be a step up from just putting a LS3 cam in there. I like the 117.5 LSA with the set up because I am just going to continue to daily drive the car and I'm not looking chop or real big gains.

    Any recommandation?

    My name is Bill. I see your picture of your car in your signature. Mine looks exactly like it. Same color, and wheels. My question is, are those the stock wheels for a GT? People have commented that I have v6 wheels, yet I see your GT has the same wheels. Mine is an early 09. Any insight is appreciated.
    RedG8King ·
    I was just looking thru recent posts and saw that you live close by. My name is Nick King and I live in Dallas, NC, between Gastonia and Lincolnton. I just got my red 08 G8GT about 6 weeks ago and am loving it. I got a Diablosport tuner and then found out my son already had HPTuner so I am going to load my stock program back in and sell it or see if I can return it. My car is stock except for a CAI and muffler deletes, with only 68,900 miles right now. I hate the DOD, that's why I got the tuner, to turn it off. How long have you had your cam changed and where did you get it done? I would do it myself but I am a disabled veteran with a spinal cord injury so I cannot bend over the car for long like I used to. I love working on them and harleys but limited with longer jobs. Also, are there any clubs around here for the G8s? Thanks.

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