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  1. Dealings with gtog8ta.com?

    I've never purchased anything from them, but I drive to within a mile of their location every weekday on my commute to work. It doesn't look like they have a showroom, but it would still be cool to stop by in my G8 or Trans-Am. I guess I'd have to buy something for pickup. :)
  2. HOW TO Guide: DIY VIM unlock, enable factory reverse cam for V9, and other radio twea

    Stereo / Electronics
    Bummer That's a bummer. Getting the V9 upgrade for the built-in backup camera functionality was something that I was considering. I guess I'm back to thinking about getting a Gentex 657 mirror.
  3. Such a great roadtrip car

    I just thought I'd mention what a great roadtrip car my 2009 G8 GT is. Twice in the last month or so, I've had the chance to drive it across Pennsylvania (300+ miles each way) with my middle-school aged son. This car is such a blast on the highway, that I actually wasn't lusting for a GXP...
  4. source for OEM new TPMS sensors?

    Wheels / Tires
    TPMS and tires Agreed. I am glad that I grabbed the AC Delco parts instead of generics. I've put over 1000 miles on the new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 100Y tires, and am totally happy with them. Costco put a butt-load of nitrogen fill in these things, with the tires setup for max load...
  5. source for OEM new TPMS sensors?

    Wheels / Tires
    AC Delco 13598771 I just thought that I'd post an update to this thread, since I had a TPMS sensor failing and needed new ones. Luckily, I also needed tires. I purchased the AC Delco 13598771 sensors from Amazon (4 pack) and they worked fine on my 2009 G8 GT. I bought new Michelin Pilot...
  6. Cleaning the Dash

    Appearance / Detailing
    Those old hand dryers.... You made me chuckle, thinking about those old endless roll cloth hand dryers! :) I can't remember the last time that I saw one of those! I never thought they were very sanitary, but heck, at least it isn't blowing around germ-infested water like the new high...
  7. HVAC Blower Motor Fix? TSB?

    Tech Lounge
    My HVAC motor just started squealing I drove my 2009 G8 GT the other day and was noticing an odd sound. The sound wasn't vehicle speed dependent, and still happened when the car was stopped. After hearing that the sound was coming from the passenger side, I turned down the HVAC blower fan...
  8. New member outside Philly

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Welcome Bummer about the R1. Hopefully you didn't get messed up on it! I'm about an hour from Philly myself, and I love my G8. It's such an awesome four door family car, and since I'm a huge Pontiac fan, it checks almost all of the boxes for me. (The almost, is because I really want a GXP...
  9. Simplest Backup Cam Setup?

    Stereo / Electronics
    Would be nice I'm glad that I'm not the only one who wants a backup camera and is bummed that they don't have a V9 radio, that can auto-engage the backup camera input. And I agree with another poster who wishes that the mirror with the monitor also had homelink on it. Maybe that option does...
  10. Lehigh Valley Pa fellow g8's

    North East
    Sort of I'm sort of in the Lehigh Valley. I live about half an hour South of Allentown, on the Eastern edge of Berks County, but I consider myself to live in the Lehigh Valley, since I watch WFMZ and listen to Allentown radio stations. I know a local guy from Boy Scouts who has a red G8 GT...
  11. Intro from Eastern Pennsylvania

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Misc Thanks for the compliment on my cars. Maybe I didn't phrase that quite right. :) I like that my G8 doesn't require premium fuel, as I run regular 87 in it. My Trans-Am (and the GXP) do require premium, and that bites at the pump.... I live South of Allentown, on the Eastern edge of...
  12. Intro from Eastern Pennsylvania

    Newbie/Introduction Forum
    Hello fellow G8ers. I've been enjoying this forum for a while, so I thought I'd introduce myself to the group. I've been a life-long Pontiac fan, having caught the bug with my clapped-out 1977 Firebird back in the 1980s. Anyways, I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and I picked up a 2009 G8 GT...
  13. HOW TO Guide: DIY VIM unlock, enable factory reverse cam for V9, and other radio twea

    Stereo / Electronics
    Awesome thread This is a great thread! I really enjoy seeing the effort being put into this. Of course, after checking the radio versions in my 2009 G8 GT, I am sad again, like I was when I realized that I didn't really have Bluetooth in my car: AHU MCU Version: 8.21 AHU External Memory...