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  • JXB157 ·
    Good Sunday morning to all. I was wondering if any G8 owners out there on this forum have used this DOD delete kit
    from Livernois Motorsports, (link below) and if so, could you give me any feedback or possibly a "value analysis"? I'm right at that point of wanting to do some more mods/upgrades to mine, and this seems like a pretty good way to do that and also put to sleep any worries of the dreaded lifter failure I've read about. I spoke with a technician there and he said with the stage 2 cam, it could anywhere from 75 - 100 HP, with the proper tune, without going to a stall speed converter, and sacrificing drivability. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!!

    JXB157 ·
    Hello fellow G8 & GXP owners on here! I have a question...Are there any '09 GT owners on here running the Magnuson TVS2300 Supercharger? I am seriously considering one, and would like any advice I could get from this wealth of knowledge on this site. As of now, my only mods are Kooks Mid-Length headers, into Borla Cat-Back exhaust, and a CAI. Also..If there are... Are there any other modifications that should be done at the same time as the supercharger install? IE -Lifters, injectors, or fuel pump for instance? I'd certainly rather rely on the advice & experience of someone that "has been there-done that", if it can save me the time. I'd appreciate any advice I could get on this..
    Thanks in advance!!
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