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  • Mark B. ·
    I did look at the PS pulley and it was running straight as an arrow. I think I will keep an eye on it for a while. With the new GB belt it is quite as a church mouse. Thanks for all your input and advice.
    jz10f0 ·
    Joe. I used it on the G8 V6 2008. The 2009 is exactly the same engine unless there was some change but I doubt it. What you may want to do is ask the dealer (parts man) if the belt on the 08 has a different number then the 09. If not then the Gator back belt will fit both. if the numbers are not the same ask what the difference in the dimensions are. Get the 09 dimension and see if Goodyear has one. But to me this does not sound right. the 09 engine should be exactly the same , even if off a little the tension arm can make up the difference a little one way or the other.
    gloomiath ·
    jz, it's gloom (joe). I wanted to ask you about that gator back belt. I called the number you provided and they do not offer that belt on the 2009 g8. they did say that the same tensioner is used on the 08 and 09 so they cannot see why the belt would be different, but they can't recommend using it. Did you use your gator belt on the 2008 or 2009 g8? thanks!
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