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  • longhorn918 ·
    yea the matte black.. I think the wheels would look badas on my IOM. So turns out your the perfect person that could tell me where I can buy them.
    locrzng888 ·
    I run the Sumitomo htr 3's. My fronts have over 30,000 on them and I've replace the rears at 30,000. I run different setup in the winter on my stock wheels. Are you running a staggered setup or just stock?
    dltv ·
    What's your recommendation for a new set of tires on the stock 19 sport rims?
    I was hoping to go slightly wider without any fuss but I read its not really possible or limited selection.

    My G8 is my daily driver and the RE050's have been good so far. 30K miles the outer edge of the tire is balding fast because of my cornering.

    Also we get some snow in the winter time which the RE050's did not take a liking to.
    locrzng888 ·
    I do this for a living, they fit perfectly. I've run mine over 130 mph with these wheels. They don't fit loose at all. Plenty of guys are running these for the drag radial set up.
    Mighty Mouse ·
    I am defantally interested in getting the vette wheels on my G8. They said the bolt pattern fits but it's a bit loose compared to the 5-120mm. I was looking for the c6 z06 split spokes in hyper silver dark. Maybe you can help my finish my hunt and find a set that fits!!!! Thanks for your input and your car's stance is bada$$!
    Mighty Mouse ·
    I to was looking at your rims. I was wondering if you knew the backspacing and mesurments. I'm looking for the z06 split spokes I have found some but they are all with a 54mm offest and they are not the 5-120 bolt pattern like we have.
    locrzng888 ·
    They are sport editions that are no longer available. That really sucks, they are good lookin wheels and go perfect on these cars.
    beto1707 ·
    Hey , i was looking around and i saw one of your post and i saw your car i just wanted to ask what rims do you have on that red g8. Thanks.
    Mobile DJ ·
    Hey, I saw you were from Osage Beach! I am from Tipton and picking my new G8 up tomorrow in Columbia. I would like to see a group from around the Jeff City, Columbia, and Lake area get together like they do in St. Louis. Hope to here from you later. Ryan - Mobile DJ
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