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  • Dousail2 ·
    Is that what you are running on the rears 20x10.5+42? Did you have to roll the fenders on the rear? Tires look a little stretched what sizes are they? What springs are you using? Love that set-up; It sure looks nice.
    ls3g8 ·
    I don't know much about BMW factory wheels. But you can fit a 20x9 with 35 offset fronts and 10.5 with 42 offset rears
    Gouger ·
    Like your wheels,what are they? I'm going the same brakes that are on my V , Looking for some wheels to fit over the brakes. You might can help me here, I;ve noticed a lot of really nice wheels to fit the beamers same bolt pattern, Will these fit the 8;s Thanks
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