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  • Capolan ·
    hi! I'm trying to work out a engine/alt whine that plagues my aftermarket stereo - dsp - amp install. it's not rear aux related either. You're post is excellent about this, but the photos are down/gone -- can you fix those, or send me a link, or? I hate to bother you about this but in a sea of misinformation, your post seems to be the one that makes sense and is quite clear in what you did/how you did it. any help would be appreciated.

    Also - for kicks, I a long time ago wanted the best "Big 3" kit I could find - and I found this guy's set. expensive, but absolutely outstanding quality in every way, and the best I've ever seen - this guy (Tony) does a fantastic job. Thought it might be good info to have. (he's using a email I sent him after the fact as a testimonial on his site (ryan F))

    Tornfalcon ·
    Hey! I saw you had a pioneer F90Bt system in your car, that's what im looking at.
    but I was curious how you have it place in the car? would you be able/willing to explain that somewhat to me and or shoot a couple shots so i could see what it actually looks like?

    Thanks a lot man!
    Scott F Fisher
    Eidolon ·
    By the way, when looking for a camera, the thing that will matter most is the lens. The glass affects the shot enormously. So if the camera you buy comes with a cheap, plastic kit lens, plan on upgrading that pretty quickly. It'll make a huge difference. Finally, I seriously do recommend Lightroom. It's a great app. Something Adobe makes that's actually worth something.
    owensmat ·
    Hey there,
    Out of curiosity, I thought I'd pm ya. I saw your moniker and name tag and it looks like your initials are M.S.O. Mine are as well. Matthew Shane Owens is mine. I thought it would be a bit wierd if yours was the same or similar, given we both have G8's on top of that.
    Doug ·
    Hello, I have a question about wheel sizing for you since you seem to have a good idea about this. I want to run a set of BMW M5 replica rims and don't know what offsets to go with. i am going to lower my car and the rims are 19x8.5" 5x120mm front and 19x9.5" 5x120mm back. The front offset choices are +35mm or +40mm. The back offset choices are +33mm or +40mm. I don't want to roll the fenders if I don't have to, but I would like to use the offsets that will bring the rims out as far as they can with out rubbing. The tire sizes I was going to run would be 245/40/19 front and 275/35/19 in the back unless I can go wider. Thanks!!
    Will75 ·
    I am strongly considering the G8 GT in MGM or maybe silver and love those grey Breytons. Do you have more pics of yours?
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