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  • sethbeta ·

    I saw a thread where you discussed a manual trans swap on your G8. I'm curious to know if you ever got cruise control working?

    ChitownCraig ·
    I was reading an older post of you installing a walbro F90000267 into the stock bucket. Could you send me some info on the install. I've found dw and tre pumps that are a direct replacement, but that walbro flows better. Trying to get to around 550-600rwhp with e85 on the stock bucket.
    SEABEEshenanigans ·
    Hey dude,

    Sorry to bother you friend, but I saw on an older thread that you have, or at one time had, the Livernois 2R MAX cam installed and you didn't have to fly-cut your pistons. I was looking at throwing in the 2R max and I was wondering if you recall your clearances? Also wondering if you ever ran into any problems down the road and how the car has been holding up? So far you're the only person I've actually seen that has installed this cam in the GT. Any input would greatly appreciated!

    Ian W
    Speedracer6 ·
    Hey I saw an old thread where you put M5 wheels on your G8. I'm thinking of buying the same wheels and wanted to see it but the cardomain link in your thread doesn't work any more. Can you send a link to the pics with the M5 wheels on?


    RaptorGXP ·
    so i just bought the walbro 450 you recommended. should get here this week

    basically i just make it fit in the bucket and connect the wires to the stock wires and put it back in?

    do you have pics of your mods to the bucket and wires?

    how does this affect the line that pulls from the other side of the tank?

    thank you

    i tried to message you but said your messages are full
    FuglyHippo ·
    Man, you're in northern Va???? So am I!! I could really use a hand with dealing ona trans swap. Have a 402 forged stroker with a big hit... trans wont hold. Please give me a text if you have any time, it would be much appreciated! 540 322 9880
    MGM GT ·
    lol you'll have some competition... my old setup is going in my buddies car that already did 11.9 with boltons.
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