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  • Morris ·
    Sorry, I'm not on Instagram, Facebook or any of that stuff. I just pop in here once in a while. I don't have any sound clips.

    I took the Solo's off and just go with the gxp's now. Mine are not straight pipe to the mufflers though. I have some of the same resonators like the ones on the solos, but longer in the center section.

    The gxp's don't have the perfect sound but they can go from not loud to screaming like no other muffler with zero drone. Also they seem to amplify the chop sound of a cam which is cool.

    This board is such a pain in the ass to post pictures on. I have pics I could send you if only I knew how lol. I guess I could text them to you or something.
    JdA1uNv ·
    sup man saw ur post on the solo axle back mods ..im in same bout have gxp on now but not happy with sound ..i couldnt see the pics you posted for some reason are you on instagram or youtube to see sound clips.
    Morris ·
    Hey Steve, ya I'm thinking the face place should work for any of the G8's as they all seem to be the same. Mine has a blemish on it that is a bit worse than the little ones you have on yours. looks like someone tried to take yours out the wrong way? Anyway, it's not worth a lot to me and you could probably get more for the whole unit although I don't know why anyone would want it unless the one they had failed. Rather than low ball you how about you just hold it and see if anyone bites for the whole thing. If it doesn't sell then let me know what you want for the face plate. Shipping should be much cheaper than if it was the entire unit.
    Steve R ·
    Thanks For the inquiry I hadn't really thought about separating the unit didn't know it could be used without the rest of it , make me an offer ,as for the nostrils I have a deal working on the fascia so there not available for now . Thanks Steve
    Headlight ·
    Hey man, I have read more than I had ever wished to read on here and came up without answers. I did read how informative you are so I thought I would see if you could help me out.
    I am looking at 20x10 with 42 offset for the rear with a 285. I can roll the fenders but didn't know if the combo would work or not. If not will a 275 work with the same wheel? Can you help a brotha out?
    infamouss ·
    Hey morris how are u. Ive seen a ton of ur vids on you tube aswell as yeti's ive looked all over the place for the liena corsa z20 wheel. I was wondering wud u be interested in sellin them? Im in cali aswell (los angeles) also I was wonderin what that sea foam does and whats its for? Lete kno what u think...thanks
    The Yeti ·
    Happy Holidays Mr. Morris. I just received the Solo Exhaust again and I'm going to get under the car and hook it up tonite. Xmas has come a day early for me. Hey send me the friend request and I'll try to except it since it won't work the other way. Holla.
    Morris ·
    I don't have them on any more I cut them off and went to Corsa's. I then cut the Corsa's off and now run straight pipe with a J bend to cancel the drone. I would be willing to sell the muffelers if you are interested.
    StelterG8GT ·
    Hi Morris,

    I saw your post and wanted to get some more info from you. Do you still have your Axle backs on? I am thinking of going MF and I am in Antioch and would like to hear it if so.

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