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  • Nick Ash ·
    Hi Rob, usually the mounts are good unless you start putting big HP thru them. I would have thought 180k would still be ok but it depends on how hard the cars been driven. Check the link pins before you going do anything yet as these can make exactly the sound your describing. In fact check every bolt/nut at the front end and then look at doing your cradle and mounts if the need be. Remember to use only genuine Holden Mounts or check out
    (Tuff Mount) on their face book page. Good Luck Mate, Hope i've been some help, if any.LOL
    robbie g. ·
    hello nick , my name is rob. i hope you don't mind me reaching out to you , but i saw your post where you say you have owned many holdens. i have a question about my 180k '09 g8 v8. no one has ever replied with a similiar issue. i have a snapping or pop sound coming from the right motor mount , where it attaches to the cradle. This would happen with quick steering input or body weight shift in turns. i assumed that the mounts were bad. i replaced both. (the left was a little torn). the pop or snap sound is still there. i tightened the lower nuts to over 180ftlbs. still have noise. then i looked up into the cradle sleeve and can see some metal wear of the cradle hole , where the mount stud passes through. i went to a salvage yard and found a front cradle. the right hole is perfect round and the left is factory slight oblong. i purchased it and am waiting for a good day to replace it. have you ever heard of this issue before ? thank you in advance for your time, rob.
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