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  • 808G8GT ·
    Hi was gonna send you a pm but I think your message box is full. What is your BC coilovers dampers set at (clicks form soft)? How does it ride?
    808G8GT ·
    Hi. I was wondering if you could help me out. I have the same rims as you, and my friends shop just installed BC coilovers. The drop height, from what I can see is very similar. The problem is that my friend just told me my tires will rub on The springs if I drive it. I have a 5mm spacer on the fronts too. Did you have this problem, if so, what did you do to correct it? The car isn't aligned yet because they just finished the install. My friend also said he would have to raise the car back to stock height for it to clear. He also stated that the camber is very negative (not aligned yet). I'm thinking this could be the main problem. So if he can eyeball the camber close to zero it might be OK. Lmk what you think. Thank you.
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