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  • kimberlee ·
    Hey Nino, just got some new wheels and tires for my g8. Trying to sell my stock g8 gt 18" wheels and tires, any suggestions?
    aztireandwheel ·
    Funny story, I just moved to Houston from Phoenix and was sitting here telling my friend that I have my G8 at Gay Pontiac for service and it turns out his boss is who bought your GXP. Small world...
    who?me? ·
    Nino. you still have that G8 Gt left? Does it have sport/ premium? I am very interested. I am the guy with the gray tahoe that was going to buy the black gxp. I am very interested and can go by tomorrow if you still have it.
    [email protected] ·
    Basically, only if a failure is related to the modification would that specific item not be covered. A tune has nothing to do with power window motors...so of coarse they would be covered. However if a ring landing on a piston fails it may be questionable due to the possability of an over agressive tune.
    rhedd5 ·
    Hey Nino, was just wondering if a Livernois tune is going to void my 90k bumper to bumper extended warranty on my Gxp?? ive asked a lot of people and get different answers. Whatcha think?
    bdahlg68 ·
    Hey Nino - is there any negotiating on the GMS price? I qualify through the Conquest program, have the GMS number, but can't get anything beyond GMS - qualifying incentives. Just looking for something, maybe even $500!
    zyanthmootar ·
    I am looking to purchase the GXP M6 w/SR in Metallic Grey. I'm new here and am wondering what price point I should start at. Thanks!
    namewastaken_0_0 ·
    Looking for a black g8 gt, 19 inch wheels, sunroof, and 11 speaker, thats all, under 6k miles (little over wont be a deal breaker)
    08 or 09, but under 26k depending

    I am ready to buy now, taking back my 09 g8 gt, because 32k for a maxed out one does not seem like such a good deal.

    20lbbooster ·
    Hey Nino,
    I have spoken with you on the phone before. I am planning on picking up a GXP in the fall...if I can wait that long! I had a question about GMS and Supplier Discount. I work for ExxonMobil and I understand the we are eligible for some discount, Supplier I believe, but I am not sure. Can you investigate and tell me the difference between the two? I am abosultely sold on the GXP and I will buy it from you, I'm just trying to hold out til late this year so I can buy the car and slap a TT kit on it while it is still sporting paper plates. I got rid of my other toy and I'm dying!

    Thanks in advance!

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