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  • SeeD65 ·
    Hey there! I see you are selling 2 sets of 18" wheels! Dang man...you must have cleaned out someones's garage! LOL Oh yes...I am working on some mods of the GXP steering wheel and may end up selling mine and using the modded version. Something you might be interested in? This would be in the Aug/Sept timeframe.

    SeeD65 ·
    hi there.....

    How did things go at Haddad? I am guessing not good since you did not provide an update? Hopedfully you are up and running.
    romeyjdogg ·
    Yeah, I have a 12" sealed enclosure with my Infinity Kappa sub. I kept the entire system stock, but just added the amp and subwoofer.

    You're right, the decklid is very annoying and rattles when you hit a certain bass frequency. I've tried looking back there to see if something was loose, but I just haven't had the time to really look into it. I'm sure dynomat would work, but it may be as simple as bending some tabs or something. There are some threads about it, I believe.
    rhedd5 ·
    Hello, i had a question about your subwoofer... Is it enclosed and what did you do with the stock subs?? Did you dynomat the decklid?? I just got a GXP and it rattles like a sonova if the song has any bass. I am looking at how to fix the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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