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  • Jfireboy1 ·
    Hello.... I've been trying to research tunes for my 09 g8 gxp auto and am looking for some input on what I can exspecting from your tune for it. Currently I am stock but want to add header, exhaust, and cai. I know the tranny tune makes a difference as I had a stock gxp with cai and a tune from Torrie at unleashed tuning before. What kind of difference can I exspecting before and after bolt ons with your tune? Thanks
    romoguy ·
    Hello, I'm curious if you have any deals or special pricing for board members on you mycaliber tuner. I've been interested for a while, but waiting for a sale.
    gijoe63 ·
    I like the white c7 in the classified section I have an 08 g8gt mint 18k miles looking to trade up. Would you be interested in taking a trade in, thanks , Joe
    [email protected] ·
    Corsa said: With the great success of the catback kits and the adaptability to what is offered by headers, we are not currently planning a change.
    Perhaps they were mixed up in thinking it was G8 and not the new axleback 5th Gen Camaro kits for the cars equipped with longtubes and the header manufacturers x-pipes.
    madderhatter ·
    Hey Rick ... I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times, have you heard any rumors if Corsa is going to come out with an axle back kit for the G8 ? I really love the sound of the Corsa's but presently have ARH LTH, X-pipe, High Flow cats, and Magnaflow axle backs. I don't mind taking the hit getting rid of the Magnaflows to bolt up some Corsa's, but it would be too big of a hit to waste almost my entire setup just to get the Corsa setup that's currently available.
    [email protected] ·

    Glad to hear you got it installed! We have it on our GXP and I love it! Thank you for your purchase with us!!


    Rick LeBlanc
    Livernois Motorsports
    [email protected] ·

    We are in Dearborn Heights, MI. We do offer pick-up and vehicle services and have cars in the shop from all over the country (see this thread for pick-up and delivery info - click here.

    What were you asking about the warranty?

    Thank you

    Rick LeBlanc
    Livernois Motorsports
    baabootoo ·
    Where is your place located? I looked and looked on your site, but must have missed it. Secondly, the warranty for the Magnacharger (G8 GT), says powertrain. Was that in the Magnacharger warranty sheet? Thank you, Bob
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