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  • mike deady ·
    i got cortex from maryland speed having problem downloading roto fab tune to my tuner does the tuner need to be pluged into cars as i download the fusion spark app sorry im new at this
    IcedSmoke ·
    Hey Scott, I have a question for you if you have time. I have had the cortex (2950) for a couple of years now and even if I have a K&N CAI I never went for the SC specific tune. Today I decided I wanted to try it and here is what I did:

    1) Installed the 91 perf to my car
    2) Plugged the cortex in my PC
    3) Selected, checked-out and paid for the K&N tune
    4) Went back to my car, plugged the cortex in and did quick tunes. I could only see the 93 perf, 91 perf, 87 perf and stock otions.
    5) Went back to my PC and it seems like the K&N tune is still available for $7.99 (does not recognize as already purchased).
    6) Repeated step 3 and step 4, still no tune is available.
    7) I have never received a confirmation email from SC concerning the purchase but on my credit card statement I see both transactions as being processed.

    Do you know if I am doing something wrong? Should I wait until I get a confirmation email from SC?

    UPDATE: I called SC techsupport and they fixed the problem right away.
    WhiteHot ·
    I am lookIng for a more detailed manual regarding data acquisition for the 2950. I believe there is a PDF file you have. Can you send to me please? Also, why are all the posts on here more than 2 years old.
    wyd_trkr ·
    Scott, Terry Reals down in Fort Pierce, Florida. I am the Owner of South Florida Pulley Headquarters and I am trying to get a ETA on when the Pontiac G8 GT Roto-Fab Cortex 93 Octane Tune for my Brand New G8 GT will be ready to download from Superchips website and will there be a additional cost factor involved here? I would appreciate your contacting me via my email address of [email protected] . Also, would you please let me know what you guy's have decided on why your present Beta Test on this car has proven to have insufficient Air/Fuel Ratio Data with it producing 13.3 to 13.4 Air/Fuel Ratio numbers, as this current 93 octane tune is entirely to Lean for this type of car here in Florida? Thank you. Regards, Terry Reals -8-10-2009
    [email protected] ·
    We are currently working on CAI tunes as I write this. I will be sure to post updates as we get closer.

    Thanks for the inquiry and thank you for choosing Superchips!

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