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  • red gxp ·
    wondering what you think of the kooks muffs vs. the solos. I am interested in the solos though. If the shipping is reasonable, I'd take them. Let me know what shipping to 60543 is and when you'd be able to send them out.

    wedo157753 ·
    hey this is david from houston what tune do u have i have a problem with the shifting im spraying 175 and i t wants to hang up in the gears
    dutchman ·
    Hello my name is Pete. I see that you have a very quick car on your hands!! I am most impressed with your times too. I have a white hot gt as well and i am just wondering how long you have been tuning your g8 for? I dont have a great deal of money to throw into my car but i do love to make it as fast as I can. I know of a shop here in town that does tuning but so far they have only tuned supercharged g8s. Would be willing to share some of your information on tuning? If not i understand. I hope that you have a great day. Thank again. Pete
    jatrex17 ·
    Hey Shane. Im just curious as to why you are selling the cortex? I am interested and have the money. Only down fall is I dont have my paypal account anymore. How else do you take transactions? Im from St Paul MN.

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