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  • mrtrees ·
    Hey there,

    Tried posing a for sale thread on my G8 and it hasn't been approved yet. Is there a problem I can correct?

    IcudahadaG8 ·
    I was wondering if you can help me. A seller by the name of banks53 sold a car recently. He had widened rear Firehawk rims. I just want to confirm that his ad was the one with those rims and if you can help me find out who purchased the car ? I want to offer the new owner a trade of stock firehawk rims and cash, for the widened rear rims.

    Any help would be appreciated !
    solty ·

    Couple days ago, I created a FS thread to advertise my 19" sport wheels but have not seen it active on the forum. I suspect because a moderator needs to Ok it. How long does it take to get a FS thread approved? Or is there a problem with my FS thread?

    please let me know

    Firehawk97 ·

    Question for a moderator. Wondering about a for sale post that I submitted sunday evening. I can't see if it didn't go thru, was rejected, etc....

    I just see it didn't show up in that page yet.

    lovemyg8 ·
    Just wondering how the car threads are supposed to be closed out once the car is sold. There are numerous car listing in Cars for Sale that are sold.
    WhiteHot ·

    I would like to post some questions about possible BCM problems. Which would be the best forum to post my questions in? My troubles involve brake lights staying on. BPPS will not relearn, TPMS not working.

    Johnny n. ·
    Hi, ive been a member for months now but i cant even comment on "PARTS FOR SALE" posts, or even contact people.

    Please Help
    Arcangel2479 ·
    Hey, I posted in for sale section earlier today, but post doesn't seem to show, not sure why, I'm pretty sure I met all requirements, thank you
    Horsepower Junkie ·
    Thanks, it's definately a fun car to drive. 25K on the clock. put a corsa exhaust on it last year and thinking of putting a rotofab CAI on it this summer.
    Ivie-G8 ·
    Hey you mentioned you might have to sell your onstar box if the price is right. i'll trade you my box (standard no bluetooth) + 350 + shipping the only reason i'm not buying that one is because i'm broke right now, but i'll have the money soon. are you interested?
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