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  • Johnny n. ·
    Hi, ive been a member for months now but i cant even comment on "PARTS FOR SALE" posts, or even contact people.

    Please Help
    James89 ·
    Hey man, no one has answered my question on thread "Buying new summer tires" I posted recently. Is there any way you can find out and give me an answer please. I just want to know what are the widest tires (I can get safely) that will fit my stock g8gt rims. I will have 245/45/18 sized tires at the front but will like to have wider tires at the back. Thanks a lot.
    SIX.OH! ·
    Hey, thanks for stopping and chatting with me today! Not often that I get to meet other G8 owners! That website I was telling you about (I normally have cards with me but I didn't today) is www.sswlphotography.com . I had a pretty awesome Sony DSLR camera setup but sold it to mod my G8 lol! Recently got a top of the line "bridge camera" now - looks like and operates like a SLR but it's not really - can't change lenses or anything. Shooting for a nice Nikon DSLR in the future. I'm used to using huge lenses and Nikon's are cheaper than Canon. I don't shoot cars yet (except mine sometimes) but I want to start - cars are alot different than the birds and other animals I'm used to though! Anyway, don't wanna take up your time - just wanted to make the connection here on the website. Have a good one!
    jchrysta ·
    I've got 22 messages, so I'm short of the requisite 40 to post my GXP for sale. Any chance if I post it you'll approve it?
    homyak78 ·
    Hi I have submitted 2 for sale threads one a week ago and the other 2 days i did get a message saying waiting for approval from moderator but i don’t see it being posted on the forum. The sale was for GXP Steering wheel Can you look in to it please.
    msb7144 ·
    Not sure if you are the correct person to talk to but I will ask. I am waiting for MOD approval on a sale item but in the time since I submitted the thread the item has sold. There is no reason to post the thread now. Title was FS: Painted stock engine cover.
    dragonzeta ·
    Thanks for the info on that IOM GT. I just starting kinda of looking for a GT lately. Was waiting on my bonus to come in the next couple of weeks. Us Lafayette Guys definetly should meet up again soon
    WHITEHOTgt09 ·
    I'm in the nola area.. Do ya'll still hit shows with the club?
    Been to a few this summer and seem to never see G8, there was one in Gonsalez by the Tanger Outlet that was pretty big had a few pontiacs there..
    Mike P ·
    Hey, how are you doing?

    You've got a nice 1/4 mile time for the mods that you have.

    What track & what kind of tires did you use......

    - Mike - :)

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