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  • NickG ·
    Hey, Solty. Thanks for taking up for us and putting so eloquently your words to ColdFuzion. Someone needed to say something and you did it well.

    I have trans question. For quicker shifts/response, are there better ways than others to get there?

    I don't want to put some hillbilly BS on my car. I am not looking to run 1/4 miles or do street racing. I just like to enjoy my car when the timing is right. This is rare.

    I already spoke to my dealer and they feel the popular VMS 93 octane tune with a rotofab is not something that the G8 should have any issues with. They said they would work with me on any warranty issues if I was up front with them.

    Sounds good, but still, I do not compeletly understand what I would actually be doing to this car/trans and I want to be more educated. Do you have any insight? If you prefer, feel free to answer me here, or at [email protected]

    If you're getting bombarded, just let this go. I am not in a hurry.
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