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  • danlillibridge ·
    Car looks great! just out of curiosity do you happen to have any pictured with your LED running lights on from a distance in day time? They look great in the garage and im sure they look good in the daylight too, was just curious. thanks!
    knglibrty ·
    I like the way you have done your engine bay,not over kill on the coller ,I want to get another set on cover to paint like you have.That way i have a summer set and crappy season's set.
    southerngirlnc ·
    Well ....my care package of Adam's products is on the way.....Let's see if these products make "EL" shine like Im hoping they will ;O)
    southerngirlnc ·
    Well the G8 was well represented today....the only G8 at the car show and brought home 1st Place in the PONTIAC DIVISION....good day for the G8's!!
    southerngirlnc ·
    Got the Projector Lights in and also installed a trunk lid liner. Had the cars name embroidered on the back...have to photos of that yet
    zepcom ·
    re: Your wall post on my wall. I believe you're speaking about a "signature" pic, inside your profile, click on the option to "edit signature". First, you would want to create an album with your pics inside of it, one being a smaller one that is suitable for a signature pic. http://www.g8board.com/forums/album.php

    Now go into your album and index to the zoomed in picture of the one you want as a signature, and right click on the picture itself, and select "copy image location" or something like that, depending on your web browser.

    Now you can go into "edit signature" area and paste in the location, I think it's a yellow icon that looks like a moon and a mountain. Click on that, and CTRL-V to paste in what you copied from the step above. Save and it should work.

    Hope this helps...

    southerngirlnc ·
    Newest additions to the "girl" ....
    1. Replaced Honeycomb Diffuser with GXP version, much sweeter looking
    2. Replaced OEM Gas and Brake Pedals with GM Racing Pedals, real nice
    3. Replaced OEM Black Shift Knob with GM/Holden Red Leather Shift Knob. And to my surprise, the red part actually matches my car color (Sport Red)
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