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  • SpeedRacerX ·
    Thanks Man. Yes, I was out for a little cruise and the V Shop is one my semi-monthly stops. I need my testosterone pills to keep up with you young guns. LOL. Did you have your car? Normally, I can smell other G8s nearby like sharks and blood. Take care!
    JerseyGT09 ·
    i saw your car around the deptford area on sunday afternoon. i think you where pulling into the vitamin shop. the car is looking really nice and clean. the rear fenders are really noticeable and look ok.
    PEPEX ·
    Interested in the carbon fiber pieces, just not sure how to go about getting them. Looking for front lip, hood, and rear spoiler. Let me know what you can do for me. Thanks!!
    Bhully ·
    hey SpeedRacerX.
    thanks for showing interest in my car.
    the rims are JDM...XXR 006.

    my newest edition to the car. the v6 tail lamps.

    the mirrors i am planning on doing black as well, when i do my hood and trunk black.
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