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  • RVMIKE ·
    can you please tell me where you got that upper windshield molding on the g8 gt..i really need one
    mike bolin
    Troy Trackbeast ·
    for $10 im not complaining and I have received nothing but compliments from those that have seen it. It is what it is.

    They would look perfect in your rear view mirror right before I pulled out and blew your doors off in the fast lane LOL
    bowtiextreme ·
    You are running staggered 19's on VMR710s? what size tires are you running around? I see that you have the 07CTSV caliper and brake upgrade upfront, do you also have an enlarged rear brake? I thought that only fit on 20's... I think I read some place that you are stock height also right? Thanks for answering these (sorry for hijacking, but I too had some questions that I seem to get confused about when searching) I have a white sport model @ stock height and stock 19's. One of them is bent so figured a good time to change. I was gonna go with 20's just for clearance issues, but I do like the 19's. Do you think if I decided to go with BC coilovers in the future I'd have issues?
    Piestro ·
    I thought I remembered you posted about changing your amber colored front turn signal markers to black. I am having trouble finding a good post install about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
    liquidred ·
    Hey thanks for posting the pics of your car I greatly appreciate it. Your car is awesome looking, everything fits perfect, love the wheels too.
    SRG963 ·
    Optical illusion, stock suspension. It's the subwoofer/box causing the rear to sit level with the front. I think it looks perfect, just wish it handled like the Track II system.
    bossmann48 ·
    Hi- You posted about blacking out the reflectors on the rear bumper with some tape on Ebay. Can you please send a link that I can look at. I was not able to find anything on my searches. Thanks. .
    SRG963 ·
    The idle has been corrected with the tune, so no need to adjust that further.

    The discount expired March 8th, but Maryland Speed has them for $350.
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