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  • VBIED ·
    blackG8'smatter told me to hit you up.

    I am new to the Phoenix area and am looking for a good mechanic shop to get a cam, heads, and clutch installed on my GXP. I should have all the parts by the end of next week. Any help is appreciated,

    zew66 ·
    Hi Rhett,

    I have a couple questions for you about fuel. I've picked up a s/c and beginning to source everything else. I posted about fuel on the board, and there are a couple of members who suggest that I go with a CTS-V pump with a Vaporworx controller set up. I figure since I'd like you to do the tune, I should ask you what you recommend. As you know I want to keep the stock internals, you suggested the ZL1 pump and ID 850 injectors. My "goal" is to be close to 600 rwhp on pump gas.. I put down 457 at BMR the other night. If my goal is too much to expect without internal engine mods, I can live with that. Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks for your time,

    zew66 ·
    Hey man,

    You have a gorgeous car. I live in Mesa and would love to see it and ask you some questions. When is the next time you're going to be out?

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