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  • Steve R ·
    Thank you for the fast response. I'm sorry I wasn't clear I would like to order the BK029 kit and add the Delrin rear bushing as well so that I have both the the Poly and the Delrin at my disposal at installation time ,which ever one I don't use I will keep for later.
    BMR Sales ·
    if you wanted to replace the Delrin with a Poly bushing later, then yes I can sell you just that piece if that is the question.

    Steve R ·
    No Problem ! I glad they found a new home. When they get there take a good look at them and make sure your happy then let me know by pm on here . Mine is a 2009.5 PSM A6 with sun roof Kooks LTH no cats , 3"x12" resonators out to GXP mufflers .I took them of my GXP so I could get wider tires on the rear.Let me know if there's anything your not happy with

    Thank You very much Steve R
    toomanytoys ·
    Hi Steve!

    I'm thrilled to be getting an original set of wheels for my G8. Mine is an 09 Silver GXP automatic with onyx interior and a sunroof. I'm the 2nd owner. It's currently wearing Camaro wheels. I'm working my way thru a camera/vim update and the atari gauge install as time permits. I'm happy with everything else with the car and just enjoy driving it daily.

    Thanks again!
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