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  • TeamSelect22 ·
    I guess my times at the track will tell it all haha ill be posting them up as soon as we get back. Opening day is Feb. 1st at Silver Dollar can't wait.
    TeamSelect22 ·
    I hear ya. But I believe at Spartan when they update the vehicle and retune they don't charge for it.. I think that's what Josh said. Ya I'd just give him a call good thing you've already dealt with them before. Hope everything works out for you man.
    jtirwin27 ·
    thanks for the input. Ive heard of both of those shops. I actually ordered some parts for my Marauder from Spartan. Good group of guys over there. When I tuned my Marauder I had done a whole bunch of things (heads, cams, headers, etc) so I needed the tune. I use the guys over at Injected Engineering in Kennesaw, GA. Aric Carrion is the resident golden boy when it comes to tuning in the southeast it seems like. They are a bit high but they have been building cars for me for years. I may give the folks over at Spartan a shout tom and see what they have to say. I noticed some pinging during WOT this evening which I can only imagine is related to the new increased air flow causing to motor to run lean. adjust fuel and timing and Ill be good to go. I just don't want to drop that kinda money right now if Im going to do heads/grind cam and long tubes next spring. Warranty expires in May, so I kind of almost have to tune it for peace of mind (30 rwhp isn't so bad either)
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