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  • 4DCYKEY ·
    Isaac, still trying to get a hold of you regarding website to post sale pics of my G8. Would appreciate a response.
    4DCYKEY ·
    Ike, I'm trying to post pictures from my computer onto the forum for the sale of my headers and CAI, as well as the G8. I'm having problems. Can you help me?
    g8power ·
    i just bought a g8 gt, and i hardly know ppl Im from Santa Cruz and i was wondering if you could recommend me a place where i could get a cam swap and remove the DOD.. can you help me out looking for a nice idle cam its my daily driver car but i really want to smog legal.. ill appreciate all your help thanks
    gxp415 ·
    Hey what's up
    When do want to meet up to do the dry run? Hey I was wondering hat kind of rotors did you use when you did the cts v brake conversion? I want to install my fronts but have not ordered the rotors or pads. How hard of a conversion is it? Thanks
    G8_Blk/Ops ·
    Hey man. I need some help! I seriously hate to worry you but I haven't seen anyone else here with the same setup that I'm looking for. I just want to ask a few questions about Pat's DOD cam.
    chrisD ·
    I am currently installing a 3.45 diff into my g8 gt (well a custom shop is not me personally) and they are telling me my axle diameters are smaller than the gasket/seal on the diff. Did you have to do anything like change seals to keep fluid from leaking?
    Gcode84 ·
    Hey I'm the guy with the grey and black srt8 charger. Nice G8, i always wanted one but after our race i REALLY wanted one. That car moves and sounds bad ass!
    K2dogg86 ·
    With the H&R's... Do you think the rearend sags more than the front or is it just perception? Hows the ride since you got them? Looking to get them within the next couple weeks.
    Morris ·
    Man, I have tried like 6 times to add you but I can't get it to work and the message just remains active. Perhaps sending a message will make things work.

    I hope you have a merry Christmas! Did you get the Solo exhaust on yet?

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